An introduction

Hello and thanks for taking the time to stop by my blog.
My name is Gemma and I’m a 28 yr old stay at home mum living in the UK.
I’ve always loved painting my nails and as a teenager I always had a French manicure or experimented with simple nail art. Throughout my adult life I went through phases of regular painting and nail art but sometimes day to day life got in the way and I let my nails go a little.
Now I am a stay at home mum I dedicate my evenings to my nails and nail art.
I get asked by friends and family how I do designs etc so what better than to share my experiences, love and how to’s of nail art than creating a blog.
I’m a newbie to blogging and I’m not nearly as good at nail art as some ladies I have seen but I shall do my best to inspire, teach and just generally share my love of all things polish and nail art. We can learn and improve together.
Happy Reading xxxx



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