The Simpsons!

My first few posts will be catching up on past nail art, so I do apologise if you have seen the images before on my instagram. For reference my instagram username is NailInkaNail (so you will see this in my images as a watermark).

One of my recent favourites was my Simpsons manicure.
I found inspiration for these when looking through instagram under the #popart. Several images of just the top of their heads came up and I was surprised how easy it was to recognise each of the characters by such a small part of them and as they are a family of 5 it would easily translate into nail art.

I began with a base of China Glaze, Igniting Love. It seemed such a good contrast for the yellow heads.


I then used the black Barry M nail art pen to outline the characters and filled with Barielle, Lemondrops. Finally I added in Maggie’s bow and filled Marge’s hair with Barry M Gelly colour Blue Grape.


The day after I completed these nails my O.P.I Matte Topcoat arrived and I couldn’t wait to try it. I think it really made the whole design pop 🙂


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