Valentines – Love Hearts Nail Art

With Christmas & New Year over for another year attentions are turning to Valentines Day!

I’ve been playing around with some valentine ideas that hopefully you can try for yourself at home ready for the big day. My first Valentine nail art was Tatty Teddy (you can see the images on my Instagram @ Nailinkanail but I had a lightbulb moment and thought what better than Love Hearts!

So here they are


I will try and give you a step by step of how I created this design.

I started with Barielle Shades, Do Unto Others. It was a tough choice on what base colour to use but I needed a strong contrast while keeping the nails looking pretty and cute.


Once dry I used a white Barry M Nail Art Pen to create a base of circles, I wasn’t strict on sizing or anything just whatever looked pleasing to the eye


Then it was time for Acrylic paint, you can use nail polish at this stage if you have the right colours. Again it was just a random spread of the different colours.


Next was the detail of hearts and text. I use a miniature detailing brush I got from hobbycraft as I needed to make sure the writing was legible on such a small surface. I started with the heart outline, I tried to not have them all facing the same way so mixed up the directions.


The final step, add the messages. I looked at real Love Hearts for my text but you could put a personal message to your valentine or if you are a little anti valentines you could put your sort of bah humbug messages instead.


Finally add your topcoat and away you go, cute & yummy valentines nail art 🙂
If you decide to recreate these I would love to see the results!!



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