BrickWall Graffiti Nail Art

I have a fabulous stamping plate from Moyou London with Banksy Designs on.

I have used them before on pink backgrounds etc but I wanted to see if I could create a more realistic base to show these beauties off so settled on a brickwall background. I looked up pictures of brick walls (exciting I know!!) and thought a red brick wall would be best for a contrast with the stamps.

So here is the final design:

Left Hand


Right Hand


I’ve since had several requests to find out how I created the brickwall background so here is a little tutorial 🙂


1. Start off by painting a red base colour, this will give the red brick effect visible in the finished product. I used Ciate Boudoir as it is a gorgeous deep red but you can play about with colour and change the effects as you please.
2. You will need a normal sponge (I used a piece of baby sponge) along with a white, a grey & a black polish. I used Barry M colours for this stage.
3. Paint a layer of white polish directly on to your sponge and dab on to the nail. You don’t need to put too much on as we still need the red background to show through at the final stage.
4. Repeat step 3 with the grey polish, you can use the same bit of sponge it doesn’t matter.


5. Repeat steps 3 & 4 with the black polish. Your nail should look something like the top left picture above.
6. You now need to draw your bricks on. I used the silver Barry M Nail Art Pen but you can use whatever you are happy with (white, black or even acrylic paint and a brush).
7. Draw straight lines across your nail at whatever distance apart you like. Obviously the closer they are the smaller your bricks and the further away the bigger the bricks.
8. Next draw lines down. You want the bricks to be overlapping so don’t just draw straight down across all rows, do a line every other row.
9. The final step is to add a Matte Topcoat to make them look realistic. I used O.P.I Matte Topcoat for these. And here is what your nails should look like:


I hope this helps and as always I would love to see your recreations so get in touch of tag me on Instagram @nailinkanail

If you are interested in purchasing the Moyou stamping plate visit and check out the rebel collection.

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