Plush mani updated with Zebra Print

I was so in love with my last leopard print manicure that I decided I would keep the accent nail and change the rest of the nails.

I picked up the absolutely fantastic Orly Dazzle in the clearance at TK Maxx. It is the first Orly polish and I must say I cannot fault it. The rubber grip lid is just genius! As you will know opening polishes can be tricky if you have moisturised your hand or if the bottle has dry polish around the top making the lid stubborn (I am guilty of sometimes using my teeth to open a bottle, not good for them I know) but the rubber lid solves these issues.

The polish is so pretty and a perfect compliment to the dots of OPI Liquid Sand I used on the accent nail.


The dazzle is fabulous on its own but I couldn’t help but add a little nail art so zebra print it had to be! I used the black Barry M nail art pen to draw on some zebra print. Here is the final result


Apologies for the glare but the Color Club topcoat is very shiny.


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