Pink Union Heart Nail Art

Hello all,

Sorry I have been quiet lately a few things are happening in my life that meant I haven’t had much time for nail art but all should be back on track now.

I have been meaning to try Union Jack nail art for some time now and when I painted my nails with Ciate Kiss Chase I thought why not make it girly and pink.


Had I done a full nail union design Kiss Chase would have been a background colour and not shown in full glory so with Valentines day around the corner why not do hearts!!

Here is a little step by step of how I created my design.

I used The white Barry M nail art pen to outline hearts on each nail, I tried my best to make them all the same but free handing that nearly impossible. I then filled with white polish.
I wanted to outline the detail before filling with polish so I used the silver Barry M nail art pen to outline the union details within each heart.
I filled where needed with a pretty sparkly pink by Color Club and the final black detail was done with another Barry M Nail Art pen.
Soo the hearts didn’t look like they had just been stuck on the nail I placed a small chain detail using Orly Dazzle. I think they look like pretty pieces of jewellery 🙂


The final product looked like this:


I like my design and I would attempt again but I may use acrylic paint next time to be a little more precise with my lines etc.


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