Hot Air Balloon Nail Art

Ages ago I made a list of random ideas I wanted to try as nail art but since following many nail artists on instagram I started getting distracted and wanted to try what other ladies were doing. I have finally sat down and brought one of my ideas to life!! Hot Air Balloons!

This idea came to me a while ago when I created a sky look on my nails and attempted swallows on them. At the time I didn’t have a matte top coat and the shine just took away from what I wanted to achieve but I thought what else could I do involving a sky and yep you guessed it, hot air balloons 🙂

So anyway I started with a base of Barry M blueberry from their high shine Gelly range. It is the perfect blue to create a beautiful sky background.


From there the detail was all done with acrylic paints, fine brushes and patience!
I started with a simple cloud detail, I didn’t really need to do this but thought it will leave people with no donut it’s a sky I’m trying to create.


I googled hot air balloons and picked my favourites to copy, it was pretty time consuming with all the fine patterns and different colours but I’m really happy with the result.

Here it is with a normal shiny top coat


It didn’t look too bad shiny but I knew from my previous sky experience mentioned above it would look better with a matte finish, so I added O.P.I. Matte topcoat.


Here is another shot as I am quite proud of this creation.



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