Rainbow Brite Nail Art

I’m ticking another idea off the list (mentioned in my hot air balloon post). This time it’s Rainbow a Brite, I loved her as a child and still have a little toy of her which I have passed on to my daughter. I also have a tattoo on my ankle 🙂

I had trouble deciding on a background colour as I couldn’t use red, blue etc as the colours in the design wouldn’t stand out enough and black would have blended with the outline so I thought I would try on of my recent poundworld bargains, Sally Hansen In Record Lime


It’s the first time I’ve actually used a Sally Hansen polish (I used to use the diamond strength and nail treatments). I was impressed with the formula as this is one single coat!!

Having picked out the images I started with a rainbow on 2 nails using acrylic paints.


I then added some detail to the Rainbow and possibly my favourite bit of this mani, Starlite! For those of you not in the know, this is Rainbow Brite’s horse 🙂


Next up it was time to add her sprite, Twink. (Please be careful if you google that word without some reference to Rainbow Brite or you may get a surprise!!!!) also in the image you can see I added my base for Rainbow Brite herself.


Here is Rainbow Brite herself!!


And finally the completed mani! I love it and I will redo it in the future once u have a better detailing brush and I think I will do a pink background to make it uber girly 🙂




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