Del Amitri!

So this post is a little snip it of my life as well as Nail Art!

My mum was always a big fan of the band Del Amitri. So as a child I attended several of their concerts and grew up loving their music. They went their separate ways but last year announced a UK tour.
Luckily their tour would bring them to our local venue so I bought tickets for me and my mum to go.

Being obsessed with nails and nail art as I am I had to do something on my nails for the occasion. I had a think about what I could do and the obvious answer was to replicate some of the artwork from the album, Twisted. For me it was a favourite album anyway but the doodles on the cover would be perfect to replicate.

Above is the album cover, this was courtesy of a google image search.

And for the nail art 🙂 I used Barry M white for the base and acrylic paint with a fine detail brush for the doodles.



The gig was fantastic with so many old favourites played while mum and I sung our hearts out! I must say the supporting act, The O’s were also great and I shall be tracking down some of their music in the near future.

Here is a little shot of Justin Currie from Del Amitri doing what he does best!


Thank you Del Amitri for a fantastic night and I hope that you continue to make music and tour as me & my mum will be there 🙂


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