Valentines – Hearts on Gradient

I have another valentines nail art for you. I’ve got a bit of a thing for increasing/ decreasing sized hearts. Since the circles mani, I have had loads of ideas going through my head.
I wanted to mix things up a little for this one so decided on not only a gradient base but not your standard pinks and reds etc. so I started with a coat of Barry M Matte polish, Caramel.

I was torn between doing a red or black gradient but since I was doing hearts I figured black was the best choice.

I must admit this isn’t my most successful gradient (not sure if it’s due to colour choice or the fact both polishes were Matte formula) but luckily I had plans for over it so I’m not bothered.
It was then time to crack out the acrylic paint for the hearts. My initial idea was to do plain hearts as mentioned in my last post but as I wasn’t happy with the gradient I had to change my idea. I’m happy with the final design. Here is half finished and half my original idea.

The design looks better shiny so as you can see on the two finished nails above I added a topcoat.


I hope you like this design and if you try it yourself I would love to see xx


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