Roses – Tattoo Inspired

With valentines just around the corner I have been desperately trying to do some roses nail art. I’ve tried a few different ways and nothing was turning out how I wanted. Then the idea finally came to me, old school roses! They are a very simplistic design but very effective and there is no doubting the final result is a rose.

So let’s start with my base, I used Liquid Sky Lacquer, Bri’s Hella Holo. I would love to give you some fabulous reason why I chose this but there isn’t one, I recently received my first order from Rainbow Connection of HK Girl top coat and 2 Liquid Sky Lacquers. I simply couldn’t wait to get these colours on my nails πŸ™‚



It’s pretty easy to find some designs to base my roses on, I simply googled old school rose. Initially I saved several images of roses but decided to stick with one effective shape while I got used to the design and with practice I will do a fancy mani with lots of different designs.

So here is the base rose I decided on.


I was torn between doing all roses the same colour but wanted to mimic the array of colours in the holo base so settled on every rose being different.


As you can see I added a diamond and a nautical star following the old school theme. I did each nail start to finish but when I got to my ring finger and placed the rose at the top there was a lot of empty space below. So I thought a diamond would go well, flowers and diamonds, what more could a girl want? I then became very aware of a large space on my middle finger so wanted another old school idea to fill the space.




I hope you liked this nail art and if you are in the UK and want to try some fabulous indie polishes, go check out Rainbow a Connection xx


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