Valentines – Winnie the Pooh

I hope you aren’t all sick of Valentines mani’s just yet as I have a couple more for you before the 14th is over for another year!

I wanted to do a not so simple design so started looking for Disney images etc to use as inspiration. I had saved your typical Minnie & Mickey etc when I came across a funny little image of pooh with a cupid’s arrow on his backside and tigger looking guilty dressed as Cupid. It had to be done.

So I started with another of my recent purchases from Rainbow Connection UK, Liquid Sky Lacquer – Just Mauvelous. It’s such a stunning holo polish and with the pink tones lent itself to a valentines mani.

As with most of my more complicated designs out came my acrylic paints, a fine brush, a cup of tea and gossip girl on netflix 🙂

I was really pleased with how these two turned out. I recently had trouble finding a brush fine enough for such small detail but thanks to another nail artist on instagram posting how she trimmed her brushes I was able to modify my brush to work so much better for me.
Next step was to add Piglet with a heart balloon to keep with the Valentines theme.

Sometimes it is surprising that simple designs can be hard to replicate but I had a little trouble with piglets face, so I’m not as happy with him as I could be. But my nemesis came in the form of Eeyore! I found a cute picture with a little heart but when I tried to paint it I could not get it right. Thankfully acrylic paints are water based so mistakes can be wiped off! The body was not an issue the head and ears were. I found another image with an envelope in his mouth but his head and ears were at a different angle but no, it still didn’t come out right. I couldn’t leave the nail blank so played with ideas of the logo, quotes etc. then had a lightbulb moment, Eeyore’s tail 🙂

I’m torn between the Eeyore tail and tigger being my favourite. I’m really happy with how Eeyore turned out but I think the tail and heart is really striking.


I have one final Valentine mani for you tomorrow then normal service will resume xxx

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