Black & White Sunrise

With Valentines Day over for another year I can turn my attentions back to other things. One being a fab little contest on Instagram with the theme of Black & White. I previously entered my monochrome circles into this competition but I’ve topped those even if I do say so myself.

I’ve seen many ladies using two feature nails in their designs but I hadn’t yet tried it out. I’m so glad I did as I will be doing it again it’s striking and less work as two nails are painted simply.

I started with the base for my two feature nails, white by Barry M.
I then painted my index and pinky with O.P.I. Liquid Sand, Emotions. While the polish is wet add your stud (you can use clear polish or glue after if you wanted to). I chose square studs and placed them in a diamond position. My studs were actually neon green but I used my white polish to change them to white.


The last step is to add the sun rise design to the middle nails. I painted mine freehand with acrylic paint but you could easily use nail stickers to give yourself a base to work with.

Now here is a few pictures of the completed design, hope you like it.





Finally I thought that this design would look just as good reversed πŸ™‚



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