Matthew Williamson Inspired

If you haven’t seen the pictures of the Fall 2014 collection all over the media then you have clearly been living under a rock! He has produced some fabulous outfits using stars and sunburst designs (not to dissimilar to my recent mani, who knew I was fashion forward?) I had to try and do a design based on his collection.

I was torn between so many of the patterns but settled on this little beauty. I love the stars and for some strange reason I hadn’t yet included stars in my designs.

I didn’t want each nail to be the same so I started with the accent nail. For this i just recreated the bottom half of the tops pattern including the red contrasting stars.

I surprised myself on my ability to paint recognisable stars 🙂 next I did the index finger with the sunburst and stars. I found once I had completed the nail that the sunburst took over the nail so for the rest I would do less and less. This created the following finished piece.




I hope you like it xx


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