Neon Studs & Chevron Pattern

I’m not sure about everyone else but we have had some awful weather where I am so I wanted to brighten my nails to lift my mood. I’ve really fallen in love with studs lately and as my new chevron nail vinyls had arrived I thought I would give an idea a go to incorporate both. It’s a fairly simple design as it uses the vinyls so I have created a step by step tutorial for those who want to give it a go themselves.

Here is what I used (obviously you can use any colour polish or studs you fancy).
HK Girl Top Coat
Orly – Liquid Vinyl
Orly – Dazzle
Barry M – White
Barry M Gelly – Grapefruit
Ciate – Hopscotch
Coloured square studs
Skinny single chevrons from

Here is the finished design so you can see what you are working towards.

Ok so here is the step by step
1. Paint index and pinky with Orly – Dazzle, paint middle and ring finger with Barry M – White.
2. Add two studs to the top of the index and pinky on an angle to form diamonds.
3. Take 2 mini chevron vinyls and place one the right way up and one upside down overlapping. Try to leave enough space for a stud in the centre.
4. Paint the top half of the nail with Ciate – Hopscotch making sure to leave the two triangle gaps at the side blank.

5. Paint the bottom half with Barry M Gelly – Grapefruit.
6. Use Orly – Liquid Vinyl to fill the triangles either side.
7. Quickly but carefully remove the vinyls and add topcoat.
8. Place stud in the centre of the white diamond.

9. Repeat steps one to 8 on your ring finger but swap the pink and orange round.
Your nails should then look like this šŸ™‚



If you do try this I would love to see, tag me on instagram @ NailInkaNail xx


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