Hello Kitty

I have been meaning to do Hello Kitty nails for some time now but I just haven’t found the right inspiration/ reference. Until the other day I took my daughters Hello Kitty Vans off and realised that the inspiration had been there all along.

So I decided to give it a shot. My daughters shoes are pink so I started with a pink base. I used Barry M Gelly – Grapefruit on all my nails. For the index, pinky & thumb (not in shot) I then used Barry M white and the cling film technique to create a mottled effect.

Those who follow me will know I have had a little obsession with studs lately. I didn’t want to use studs again for this but used their placement to inspire some small designs from the shoes pattern.

20140223-152054.jpgas you can see I picked the little bird and the tulip. I then added the sitting Kitty from the pattern (shoes pattern can be seen in this image)

Once I had don’t Kitty I felt a little more sparkle was needed so carefully added Jinxed Nail Polish – Look at me, Look at me now! Around the kitty I had already painted and coated the final nail. By this point it was super late so I had a sleep and returned to the design with fresh eyes the next day. Here are some snaps of the completed design.




I hope you like my design xx


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