Chevron Tipped Leopard Print

A while ago I bought a gold Sally Hansen polish from the pound shop. I’ve wanted to use it for ages but never had the right idea until now!

The polish is Sally Hansen Diamond Strength – Costume Jewellery. It’s a lovely gold colour, quite thin though, this is 3 coats and you can still see the whites of my nails.

The final design I decided on was a classy chevron & leopard mani that should be simple enough for anyone of any skill level to recreate.

Here is how I created the design.

1. I used the following to achieve this look :
Sally Hansen Diamond Strength – Costume Jewellery
HK Girl Top Coat
Barry M Matte – Caramel
Orly – Liquid Vinyl
Barry M Nail Art Pen – Black
Nail Vinyls – Single Skinny Chevron
2. Place one of the chevron stickers half way up your nail (you can do this on either your index, middle or pinky. The ring finger will be slightly different)
3. Polish the bottom half of the nail with Orly – Liquid Vinyl (you can use any polish obviously)
4. Quickly peel the sticker off revealing your chevron tipped nail. Repeat these steps on the remaining nails except the ring finger.

5. For the ring finger you will need two chevron guides. Place one slightly higher than you did on the other nails and one slightly below, leaving a gap as wide as the sticker itself in between.
6. Paint your black polish in between the guides and then below as you had done on the other nails.
7. Once the guides have been removed your nails should look like the bottom images.

8. Next its time to add the leopard print, i forgot to take pictures of this stage but just place random dots of the Barry M – Caramel in the gold top half of each nail.
9. Using the nail art pen draw black semi circles/ patches of black around the caramel polish. If you need a guide to help you do leopard print google images will help you loads.
10. Once finished add your topcoat and you are good to go.

I hope you like and if I have inspired you to try this tag me on instagram @NailInkaNail x


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