Jinxed Nail Polish – The cat In the hat collection

I’ve shown you a few of the polishes from Jinxed Nail Polish – Cat in the Hat collection but I wanted to give a full review of all 6 polishes from the collection.
Firstly I would like to say the creator of Jinxed is a lovely lady so you can guarantee great customer service. There are 6 polishes in the collection, 1 of which is a limited edition so if that takes your fancy get it while you can! Here are a few snaps of the collection.

In the below picture I am wearing Look at me, look at me now! over Barry M – Blackberry.

I shall start with a look at the limited edition polish. This is Mothers New Gown. It’s a clear polish with a fantastic holo fine glitter, red hexagonal glitter along with red and pearly pink hearts. You can use it on its own but I think it works really well over pale shades I.e white/ nudes. I have worn it over Ciate – Amazing Gracie.

Do excuse the fact this photo is blurred but it’s the only way to show you how multicoloured the holo glitter is.

Next up is We Saw All The Things Fall. It’s a lovely lilac polish with small red glitters, slightly larger holo hexagonal glitter with a sprinkling of stars. One thing I will say, not just about this polish but Jinxed’ whole collection, is she is very generous with glitter. There is so much sparkle in each bottle.

Moving on we have The Fish in the Pot. The colour of this is hard to place it’s somewhere along the lines of coral but in some lights can become a striking orange. It contains fine holo glitter as well as diamond flecks in red and pearl. I love the holo glitter that Jinxed uses its so eye catching! The diamond flecks can get a bit lost when applying this polish so just be careful to try and place them if you want them to stand out.

I had to add some nail art to this so painted the image from which it’s title came 🙂

Next up is A tip of his Hat. This is a rich red polish packed fill of sparkle. You will find both red & silver find glitter, blue lines, red hexagons with the odd flower chunky glitter thrown in. It’s got so much going on its sure to catch not only your eye but others too.

This is Kites on the Wall. The polish itself is a pearlescent blue containing green & blue glitter along with blue hexagonal glitter. The blue colour is beautiful.

This is another of the collection I added some cat in the hat nail art to.

Now, I have saved my personal favourite until last! Introducing Look at Me, Look at me now! The design is simple it’s clear polish with fine holo glitter with holo stars but I cannot even begin to tell you how striking it is! It’s packed so full of glitter that it can be worn alone or over colour. The holo is so intense that no matter the light you won’t stop staring at your nails watching the colours dance! In my swatch of this I have shown it on bare nails, white & black.

Do excuse the darkness of the above photo, although holo sparkles in any light dim unnatural lighting works best for capturing its rainbow in action.

Overall I have no bad words to say about this collection. It’s fab and has such a variety. The bases are perfect, the glitter stays evenly spread throughout each bottle even after having sat on a shelf for a while. All polishes sent on smoothly and even although a top coat in recommended to not have uneven bits on the surface of your nail from the glitters. The polishes were quick drying too so fantastic if you don’t have ages to literally watch paint dry on your nails 🙂
This collection is available to buy now from here
You can also follow her on instagram @Jinxednailpolish

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