Matte Studded Design

I saw a picture a while ago of a red glitter mani with matte black around the cuticle in a sort of chevron design. I forget who it was by but the image stuck in my mind. When I saw Direwolves by Jinxed Nail Polish I knew I had to do my own version of the design. Here is my base as mentioned, Direwolves by Jinxed Nail Polish.

I used acrylic paint and free handed the black on to my nails but I am sure you could use polish and some nail vinyls or tape as a guide. I also added square silver studs and one small round one. These were previously neon studs used in other designs but I try not to waste studs so when removing them it removes the colour leaving silver studs fur future use 🙂

The design I had seen was gloss with the black section matte finish. I tried to just Matte the black but as it was such a small section it was too difficult so I Matte finished the whole thing and I am really happy with the result. It’s a simple yet classy design.


Random fun fact, this colour also matches my hair lol


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