Disney Princess Silhouette

This another Pinterest food inspired design. When looking through Pinterest I saw some gorgeous cookies with pink & purple icing and princess silhouettes. I had to try this on my nails.

I started with a gradient using Revlon – Sweet Tart & Nicole by O.P.I. – Virtuous Violet. I would have tried to copy the cookies properly with purple round the outside & pink in the middle but I had trouble for some reason with doing the gradient so decided on the normal half and half.

The cookies also have small white dots so I added these to the purple part of my nails.

I think this is a pretty cool design in itself so I wore it alone for a day before adding the silhouettes. I googled Disney Princess Silhouettes and tried to find the most recognisable and best fitting for my nail shapes. This is why Jasmine is on my pinky as it’s long and thin.

As much as the design looks awesome above it took a lot to capture it with a gloss finish as the light was distorting the pictures so I added O.P.I Matte topcoat. It worked really well and helped the silhouettes to stand out. Hope you like it πŸ™‚





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