Ombre Chevron

I was in a bit of a hurry the other day so wanted a quick and simple nail art design to try. I saw a fantastic design by nailsandpolkadots on instagram where she used 3 chevrons next to each other one black, one grey and the other white giving an ombré effect to thought I would give it a go.
My base colour was Mother of Dragons from Jinxed Nail Polish.

Nailsandpolkadots did the ombré design on only two fingers as she used dots and flowers on other nails, as mine was going to be on all nails I changed the placement for the accent nail. Here is the final design, I have done a simple pictorial that you can see after this picture.


Step 1. Paint nail with base colour.
Step 2. Paint a stripe of polish in the colour you want the middle row of chevrons to be. Don’t make the stripe too wide just wide enough for the chevron pattern you are using.
Step 3. Once your stripe is completely dry place 5 chevron stickers over the stripe making sure the middle one is in the centre of your stripe. Take all 5 off their base together as they are needed for spacing.
Step 4. Remove the 2nd & 4th chevron sticker.
Step 5. Paint your other two colours in the chevron gaps.
Step 6. Quickly and carefully remove all the stickers and you have your finished design. You may have a little overlap of the middle colour due to the stripe, just dab a small amount of your base colour over it to tidy it up. Add your topcoat and you are good to go.




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