Leopard Print & Stripes mix’n’match

I’m not sure if you have noticed that I have begun to alternate my focus. One design will be complicated requiring a lot of time and effort and the next will be fairly simplistic but equally as eye catching. This is just to give me a little rest from painting all evening and to give those of you following my designs variety.
As my last post was a complicated one today I give you simple 🙂 as with my nautical theme this was inspired by a cake on Pinterest, seriously if you are in need of mani inspiration check it out!! I’ve got a lot more cake inspired designs to do. Anyway here is the cake:

I loved the colours as well as pattern so did my best to match. For the green I used Ciate – Pepperminty and the White was Barry M – Pearl.

I didn’t use acrylic paint at all in this design just a black Barry M Nail art pen and a holo glitter polish called Confetti from Ciate. I hope you like it, the thumb I just made up myself xx






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