Sleeping Beauty – Maleficent

In keeping with my recent Disney theme I wanted to do something a little different. Most of the time you see nail art with the princesses or other main but good characters. So I decided to do a baddie manicure, I thought about doing lots of different baddies from across several Disney movies but when I saw the image on google of Maleficent I knew she needed her own design.
I started with a purple base colour, I used Models Own – Pukka Purple. I apologise in advance for the lighting in this image it was the only way I could trick my camera into capturing the correct colour and not changing it to blue.

I knew from the beginning I wanted to capture Maleficent herself and her evil bird but I wasn’t sure on the others. I then remembered the image of the spinning wheel and it’s green glow and knew it had to be on the design. Google images help then come up with the pinky design. Hope you like 🙂




Those of you with a keen eye for detail will notice the bird doesn’t have feet in a couple of the pictures! this is because I forgot them and added them in later :/ it was late when I was painting xx>

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