Neon Splatter

I have wanted to try Models Own for a while now but money held me back. With their recent 6 for £20 offer I found my opportunity. I bought some of the speckled eggs collection a hyper gel and several neons. The neons were beyond my expectation they are so bright!!
Here is Luis Lemon, it’s over one coat of white to enhance brightness and stop the whites of my nails being visible.

I wanted to try the splatter design as I had seen it done so many times and it looks awesome. I used 2 other neon polishes and some studs that I painted to match.

The studs alone look pretty funky so I thought I would show them. The finished design wasn’t quite what I wanted as I got some splatter on my index and pinky but as the neon is quite thin I couldn’t just cover it over. So I added the chevron design.


The splatter technique is messy but a really simple thing to do for nail art beginners. Check out tutorials on YouTube x


4 thoughts on “Neon Splatter

  1. WonderfulWolf says:

    Wow, what an amazing neon yellow! Is it true that you’ve got to keep them in the fridge?… Love the splatter nails, never tried the technique myself but it’s pretty cool!

    • nailinka says:

      I heard about the fridge thing yesterday on instagram! I never knew about it. I’ve just been keeping mine in a box with my other polishes. It’s pretty cool and dark in the box :/ the splatter is really cool and so easy, give it a go xx

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