Disney Frozen – Olaf

I only watched Frozen the other week (I know so behind) and I really enjoyed it. I loved Tangled as well and I’m a big fan of the new style Disney movies. I have seen some absolutely amazing nail art designs since the movie was released but as yet have not seen Olaf’s summer song portrayed (I’m not saying it hasn’t been done just I haven’t seen it) so I had to do it. It seemed the perfect timing with the start of spring and nice weather here in the uk.
I didn’t use a base colour for this design just acrylic paint so I don’t have my usual shot of just a polish. So here is the finished design.

I had so many complements when out and about with this design, I think the bright colours caught people’s attention.


One lady asked me to let her know if I start offering to paint others nails as she would pay for my art. I think that is such a lovely complement and made me really proud that someone would really want to wear my art 🙂




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