Studded Harlequin Pattern

Another cake inspired design from me today. I find they provide such perfect inspiration. Here is today cake

I saved this with the intention of copying all layers and maybe a bow design on a nail but the more I looked at the cake, the more I realised it would be too much as a nail art design so I chose the harlequin and dots for my manicure. The base colours I chose were Models Own – Coral Glaze (hypergel), Orly – Liquid Vinyl & Barry M – White.

I was really pleased with the finished design, so here it is:

The pattern on my middle finger was simply created with a dotting tool. The ring finger design was a little more complicated but if you want to try here is a brief pictorial that I will try and describe for you.

1. I used the black Barry M nail art pen to freehand the harlequin pattern.
2. Fill every other diamond in with black polish and the others with the coral polish. Try on the coral polish to cover the black outline and ensure that every other row of diamonds is left white.
3. I had some nail art chains that I cut using a cuticle nipper to get individual silver beads (I’m sure you can buy small silver beads but I used what I had 🙂 ) apply a coat of topcoat and while still wet use tweezers to place one stud one the corner of each diamond. Once complete add another topcoat to seal. You could use nail glue if you wanted but I prefer to just use polish to secure studs etc.




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