Tim Burton Style Frozen

My little girl is obsessed with Frozen so I really wanted to do another nail art design from the film.
I didn’t want to do Olaf as I have already done that so spent a long time searching the internet for ideas.
During my search I found the most amazing artwork from an artist called Yoko who drew Frozen in the style of Tim Burton. Well this for me was perfect, I love Tim Burton and my daughter loves Frozen! Win Win
click here to check out Yoko’s art
My nails at the moment are fairly short so I couldn’t fit as much of the art in as I had wanted. I wanted to get the neck and shoulders of each character to get some of the dresses in but when I tried to do them that small it did not work. So I did each face. My daughter recognised Anna & Elsa straight away so I am totally happy with how they turned out.
So without further ado here is my Frozen, Tim Burton style nail art





The base colour used is Barry M Silk Pearl and O.P.I Black on the thumb. The design was created using acrylic paints. Originally I used a high shine top coat but I felt the design suited a matte finish so used O.P.I Matte Top Coat.


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