Simple Christmas Trees

My first Christmas nails of the season! I wanted to do a simple yet effective design that beginners can do with ease and achieve beautiful results.

This design can work in many colours but to show two contrasts I chose to do traditional christmas colours of red and green with a silver and black accent nail.
Red = Barry M Silk collection – Poppy
Black = Orly – Liquid Vinyl
To add a little more spark I used a red glitter polish and added it to the top of each nail, I then added a black glitter to my accent nail.


Once the base colours are dry all you need is some striping tape and your tree polishes as well as a trusty top coat 🙂

1. Cut 2 pieces of striping tape and place them on the nail leaving a triangle.
2. Use your chosen polish to fill the triangle and remove tape.
3. This step is optional but as with the base I chose a matching glitter polish and put it on the bottom of the tree to add sparkle.
4. If you have small stars use some clear polish to stick one to the top of the tree. If you don’t have one don’t worry use a silver or gold polish and place a dot on the tree.
5. Finish with a top coat and you are left with an elegant christmas design.





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