Purple Zebra Stars

Those of you who have followed my work may have noticed a pattern forming with my simpler designs! Yes it is cake and this design is no exception! So I would like to say thank you cake makers, without your talent and creativity I wouldn’t be doing half the nail art I do x

Here is my inspiration for this particular design.

I used 3 base polishes to match the tiers on the cake.
Nails Inc – Leather Effect – Noho
Models Own – Hypergel – Purple Glare
Mavala – Antarctic


To create the 3D effect that you see at the bottom of the cake it is really simple.
1. Paint 1 layer of your chosen colour (I think matte or the leather effect polishes work best but you can use any polish but glitter really)
2. After a few minutes drying time paint a second coat. Allow a couple of minutes for the outer polish to dry but not enough time that you can safely do up a pair of jeans (you all know this problem ;))
3. Take your dotting tool and gently press into the polish in diagonal lines equally spaced apart, repeat in the opposite direction to form the diamond pattern you see.

4. Repeat step 3 a couple of times while the polish is drying as it will try to smooth itself out.
5. Finally dot a silver polish (or gold if you prefer) where each line crosses.


I hand painted the zebra print and stars but you can stamp these if you have the right stamping plate.
Here is the finished design, I hope you like x




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