50’s Hello Kitty

Earlier this year I did some Hello Kitty nail art based on my daughters shoes. When I had a look on google at Hello Kitty I came across the below image and fell in love it!

I have had it saved all this time and when I saw Sherbet Fizz by Ciate in my mini manor advent calendar I knew it was the perfect base for this art.

I started with simple white dots on my index and pinky as they match Kitty’s dress in the image.

It was then time together out the trusty acrylic paints. It took quite a while to do this and if I were to do it over I would try and make my lines cleaner but I’m probably just being fussy. So here it is, the finished 50’s Hello Kitty design (p.s. No idea if there is a male Kitty or what his name is but my 3 year old named him John lol)





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