Sparkling Gems

Today design is so simple but clearly the current fashion in nail salons from the manicures I have seen posted on Instagram recently. The designs I’ve seen posted by the salons have obviously been created using acrylic or shellac etc but rhinestone designs are really easy for polish lovers to do at home. I started with Pink Blush by Models Own as a base. It’s a gorgeous bright pink that I think compliments the bling of the rhinestones although most colours would go with rhinestones.

2015/01/img_5092.jpg My rhinestone set was from Cheeky (I recall I bought them via amazon) and had a variety of shapes and sizes so I chose 3 sizes of circular gems and rectangular. I do not use nail glue to secure my rhinestone just polish that hasn’t completely dried. You do have to sit a little longer to allow the polish under the gems to dry but once it has and you have put a top coat on you can get a good few days wear before you lose any. So here it is my super bling Sparkling Gems mani, I hope you like xx





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