My mum introduced me to the brand Gorjuss a while ago and having improved my skills with acrylic paint I felt I was ready to try this fab design on my nails.

I started with 3 base colours:
Orly – Liquid Vinyl (this is my staple black as it goes on perfect in one coat)
Orly – Dazzle (this is a supper shiny silver)
Nails Inc – Wigmore Street (I got this free with glamour magazine a couple of months ago and it’s my ideal purple)


I have found so many Gorjuss designs that I would like to paint but this was my favourite so I wanted to try it first.


I sat at the reception desk in my husbands tattoo studio and painted the design with acrylic paints and my pure colour no1 brush from stylish nail art shop. It took a while to do as my first attempts didn’t turn out to my satisfaction so I rubbed them off and started again, twice!!
3rd time lucky and I was so happy with her as I even managed the detail of the skull in her hair! I hope you like her too xx



I will admit I’m not ambidextrous when it comes to painting and my left hand is blank unless it is a dotty/ stripey simple manicure but I was going out for a meal so wanted both hands the same.
So I painted myself a decal using a plastic bag, polish and paint 🙂





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