Ok so today’s nail art is a little different from my normal nail art. When I shared my Spider-Minion mani on Instagram one of my followers requested spiderman nails. Normally I would get the acrylic paints out and attempt a realistic spiderman mani but this followers also requested a tutorial so I knew I needed to keep it simple and use only polish. I am a little out of touch with doing designs like this with polish only, so I do apologise this isn’t to my usual standard. So I started with a base of O.P.I – Big Apple Red. I’m not the biggest fan of red polish but I will admit this is pretty stunning!

2015/01/img_5224.jpg I used the following polishes along with a dotting tool to create the final design: Nails Inc – Shalcomb Street Mavala – Antarctic Orly – Liquid Vinyl

2015/01/img_5240.jpg Here is a pictorial for the spiderman face if you wanted to attempt it yourself.

2015/01/img_5242.jpg Thank you for reading xx




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