Despicable Me Sillhouettes

This is another design I have had in mind for ages. I knew I wanted an orange base colour for the Sillhouettes but I never got the motivation until now! I recently had a mad moment and bought loads of Indie polishes from a couple of sites. The first site I purchased from had a polish called Orange You Sunny by Serum No5, it is a bright orange that glows yellow in the dark. It jumped straight out at me as the perfect base for this idea but unfortunately it was sold out 😦 a few days later another site mei mei signatures had a 25% off sale so I had to have a nosey. There it was in stock on their website! It was fate so I bought it straight away. Here it is:

IMG_5285 And in the dark it looks like this ⬇️

IMG_5288 I used acrylic paint to recreate the silhouettes I found on google. I was really happy with the result, so here it is in normal light and in the dark. I hope you like x






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