Argyle Pattern

Patterns from fashion are all the rage in the nail art community. Fairisle being the most popular but hard to emulate for most, unless they have help from decals or stamping. I tried some freehand last month and I wasn’t too pleased with how they turned out as I’m a perfectionist. But there is a simple and really striking design that is pretty easy to do! It’s the argyle pattern. So here is my take on it using my favourite colours (black and purple). I started with a base of Dancing with Nureyev from A England. It’s my first A England polish (I have loved them from afar for a long time and finally bought some during my recent indie polish spree) and it is perfect in every way!

IMG_5336 I used acrylic paint and a liner brush to paint the black diamond pattern. If you wish to attempt it yourself you can freehand using a nail art pen or use vinyls as a guide to straight lines and infill with polish. The possibilities are endless. I then finished with silver striping tape and the effect was stunning. I tried the silver lines with a sharpie and a silver nail art pen first but it did not give the same effect. So here it is, I hope you like it as much as I do xx






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