Dotticure Strawberries (using peel off base)

So today’s post is a little different. There is no story behind how I can up with the design idea as I did this as part of a mani swap on Instagram. I also used a new product and wanted to share with you my verdict.

So first things first the base coat! Normally I use O.P.I Nail Envy under every manicure, it is a fantastic product and without it my nails would be mere stumps. But I was in a hurry with this design as I had others to do so tested the Miss Sporty – Peel off base (available at Superdrug)
The bottle says to apply generously so I did just that

The next step is to wait for the product to turn clear, this can take a while when you have just applied generously.

You are then free to use your polish etc. when you are ready to remove just use another nail to lift the edge of the base.

VERDICT – The product was easy to apply, a little slow to dry but that didn’t surprise me. There were two main concerns:
1. When applying generously the base can be a little gloomy and therefore not apply smoothly which shows through when plain polish is added. Not so much a problem under texture or glitter.
2. It doesn’t exactly ‘peel’ off, more scrapes off but it’s still ultimately easier than polish remover especially on glitter or texture polishes.
Overall I recommend this for those difficult to remove polishes, not for every day use. I would most certainly buy again as it was only £2.29 so well worth the money.

So now let’s move on the the design. I started with a base of Lollipop by Orly.

I used a dotting tool to add white spots on each nail then painted strawberries with acrylic paint.



Here is the image myself and @nailfocus used to reveal our mani swap xx



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