Models Own – Colour Chrome Collection

First things first! I would like to say a HUGE thank you to Sammy at The Nailasaurus for adding me to the Best of British bloggers list on her blog. I have noticed many new visitors to my blog and feel honoured as I have been following her for some time now 😍

Now on to business…..

Models Own have succeeded in creating the must have polishes of the moment. When they sent the samples to some bloggers Instagram went crazy for them and with good reason!

There are 10 polishes all together, many of you (as I did) may look at the bottles and think that a few are too similar. Don’t be fooled every bottle has a very unique colour within.

The formula of these polishes is beautiful. Many of them went on in one coat and the drying time was so fast I could hardly believe it. The only thing I will say is you need to follow the correct way to polish a nail to get an even effect as the metallic effect of the polish leaves streaks, this is not a bad thing it adds to the polish and gives it a true metal effect. Many asked the question on instagram if they were good for stamping, although I do not stamp myself (I have tried and I’m rubbish lol) I can tell you they work brilliantly as I have seen a lot of stamped creations!

VERDICT – I am already a massive fan of Models Own but this collection is their best yet and well worth buying! The collection is varied enough that most will find at least one colour they love 💕

So here they are :
Chrome Silver

Chrome Blue

Chrome Indigo

Chrome Mauve

Chrome Cerise

Chrome Pink

Chrome Green

Chrome Olive

Chrome Rose

Chrome Gold



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