Galaxy, Tape & Studs Nail Art

I have always found the galaxy nails to be gorgeous. I have seen some really nice twists on the idea by using different colours etc but I wanted to do my own twist.
I started with a base of Pandora by Picture Polish. It’s a beautiful holo filled purple polish. The holo was difficult to capture so my apologies for that.

I managed to create a Pictorial for this design (I try to do it for my simpler manis but some times I forget to take pictures for it, sorry)

You will need the following:
Base colour
Make-Up Sponge
3 colours to create your galaxy (I used Silver, Blue & Pink from the Models Own Colour Chrome Collection)
Black paint or polish
Striping Tape
Top Coat
I think the pictures should speak for themselves but if you have any questions please leave a comment and I will get back to you.
I didn’t add the stars as is usual for a galaxy design as I thought it might be too busy. Below is the half way finished mani ⬇️

So here is the finished design, it’s one of those that looked so amazing in real life that it was hard to capture on camera!! I hope you can see how lovely it is and give it a go yourself xoxo





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