Snaptat (temporary tattoo) inspired Nail Art

Those of you with an active interest in all things nails will have found it difficult not to notice the lasted craze. Snaptats!
Snaptats are temporary tattoos available in black, silver & gold and were created based in real jewellery. They look really pretty and many nail bloggers have started using them to create nail art and not just decorate the skin.

I wondered if I could recreate the designs my self. So here it is 😃
The base colour is Status Symbol from Essie.


Using some really simple techniques I was able to create my own take on this latest craze.


As this is so simple I would like to share my how to with you all how I did it.

Step 1 – Paint base colour
Step 2 – Using the colours you have chosen for the decals paint a couple of coats on a sandwich bag, plastic wallets etc
Step 3 – Once FULLY dry remove polish from the bags etc
Step 4 – Cut shapes out of the polish using scissors, cuticle nippers (whatever works for you)
Step 5 – Apply another coat of base colour a top coat then place the tattoo decals on the nail as you wish. Seal with a top coat.

I think I could do better if I tried this again as it was a learning curve creating the decals. I hope you like it and I would love to see your creations xoxo




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