Versace Inspired Nail Art

A couple of months ago I had a nosey at the latest designer fashion and saved a few outfits that I thought would translate to nail art really well. Unfortunately ever since I have had so many ideas I hadn’t got round to creating any of the designs but finally, today, I did it!!

So to start here is the outfit that inspired me.

I’m sure you can see why this design would work as nail art and it’s really easy to do. I started with two base colours, both from Barry M – Pearl (from the Silk collection) and Kiss Me Quick (from the new Speedy range)

This design is really easy to create at home yourself all you need is some straight nail vinyls, a white & pink polish as well as a black nail art pen. Here is a self explanatory pictorial.

I wasn’t sure when I first completed this mani but as the day went on they kept catching my eye and I’m falling in love with them πŸ’•

Here are some shots of the final design, hope you like xoxo





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