Studded Leather

Evening Folks!

My apologies for my nail art absence recently. I have taken on the challenge of doing the 30 Day Shred and with that has come extreme tiredness as I am soooo unfit 🙂 with either being asleep or tired I have lacked motivation but I’m back now and ready to create.

So to ease myself back in, I have created a really simple but awesome mani!
My base colours are both from Leather Effect polishes from Nails Inc (I’m sure you see why I used the title I did for this post). The black is Noho and the white is Ckerkenwell. I didn’t get a chance to take a shot of just the base as I needed to utilise the wet polish to adhere the small silver balls. 

Should you wish to recreate this design, I would suggest using nail glue to stick on the balls or if you don’t use an effect polish a topcoat should help seal them.

I hope you like xoxo


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