3D Dot Nail Art

Last night I tried to paint one of my Models Own Colour Chromes over a peel off base as I wanted it to be easy to remove the many. But I did not realise until I did one coat the the peel off base had not dried smooth at all, as the colour chrome dried it shrank and clung to every crease and line. Although it was not what I wanted for the mani I had in mind it gave me an amazing idea about creating some 3D nail art.

3D nail art has been used a lot with gel polish as you can sculpt and create thanks to the drying/ setting process of gel. But it doesn’t translate well to standard polish. The formula of the colour chrome collection has changed that so here it is 3D nail art using the collection……

As you can see from above this is a simple mani to do provide you have good lighting (to see the clear dots):

  • Start with a clean unpolished nail
  • Using a dotting tool dot a clear top coat on the bare nail (a slow drying one is best as dotting can take some time and if it goes stringy it is a nightmare)
  • Repeat the second step until you are happy with the dots
  • Paint 1 coat of your chosen Colour Chrome polish to finish
  • Should you choose a polish that requires 2 coats (the silver needed 2 for me) add another layer or clear dots on top of your first layer to ensure the second coat doesn’t even out the 3D effect

I used 4 colours to show how this looks with different shades:

Chrome Blue, Chrome Mauve, Chrome Silver & Chrome Pink

I hope you like this design and I would love to see if you create something amazing with this idea (dot flowers etc) xoxo


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