Nautical Knot Nail Art

I haven’t done any nautical nail art for over a year. My last attempt was a real hit on my IG page being my most like photo particularly for that year if not completely. So why not do another take on the theme 🙂

I started with Barry M Gelly – Blueberry. I know the normal go to for nautical is dar BLE but I wanted to keep this mani bright so opted for a sky blue. 

I used striping tape and Rimmel – White Hot Love to create thin stripes (again thicker stripes are the norm for nautical but I love to mix things up.

I received some awesome nail mail this morning in the for of new nail art brushes and a large collection of studs. The studs came from a seller on ebay and it is such an assortment of shapes and colours 🙂 for this design I used round gold studs.

My new brushes can from StylishNailArtShop. She has recently released her own brushes which I had to try so for the rope knot I used Stylishnailart Brush Maxi. It is so fine there was not need to trim at all.

I hope you like it xoxo 


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