One Stroke Flower Nail Art

I am so determined to keep practising one stroke art as I love it! I find it really difficult for some reason, I have watched so many videos, studies pictorials but putting it into action is hard. Even the final results of this mani didn’t go to plan but they looked pretty.

For my base I used Revlon – Stillhetto. Most of the best one stroke nail artists use dark backgrounds to really make designs pop so I opted for the darkest I could get. 

Using acrylic pInts and one stroke techniques for the flowers and leaves I created this. 

They don’t look perfectly smooth as I tweak the flower with a detailing brush to highlight the white areas and add shade that wasn’t in the onestroke palette. As with my reason for the background most one stroke designs are matte finish as well so I added the O.P.I. Matte Top Coat. 

Now I normally take lots of photos during the creation process of my nail art but I only share the photos taken under my daylight lamp etc to give consistency. In this case I have shared two as I couldn’t take my best photos until 24 hours later as I was not home. During this time the Matte top cost shrank and pulled the polish from the edges of my nails. Gutted is not the word 😦 


I’m looking forward to sharing my one stroke journey with you xoxo


2 thoughts on “One Stroke Flower Nail Art

  1. Tracey says:

    These look beautiful. I too love the look of one stroke, and it looks super easy in videos, but harder in person. I look forward to see how you get on, as I’m practicing too ♡

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