piCture pOlish Flower Power – Nail Art

My apologies for my recent blogging absence, I was chosen to take part in the first piCture pOlish nail art quarterly challenge. As such I have created several nail art ideas recently but I had to wait until today to be able to share them with you.

The first design I am going to share is my actual entry to the contest. First let me tell you the rules, the contestants were allowed to use up to 3 piCture pOlish shades along with black & white acrylic paint ONLY to create a design. I normally work with acrylic paints so this was a real challenge to use polish to create the art. 


I settled on a full on flower design to showcase the polishes, using the paint to create detail and shape. The 3 polishes used were gelato, mad magenta and chillax.

The following image shows how I created the design. First I painted all nails with the lightest polish colour (gelato) using a sharpie I drew the flower shapes I wanted to create. I then used the polishes at random to fill in the centre snd petals of each flower. Lastly I added black outline and filled in any gaps between flowers as well as adding white dots to the centre of each flower. 


There have been some brilliant entries and I wish everyone who entered good luck!! To see the entries check out #ppnailartquarterly1 on Instagram. Thank you for sticking with me during my blogging absence I have loads to share so will post again very soon xoxo 



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