Models Own – Polish For Tans 2015 Shades

I was so honoured when Models Own contacted me recently wanting to send me some polishes. I am sure those who have seen my previous blog posts will know I am a big fan of this brand!

They sent me the latest 5 shades from the Polish for Tans collection.  

From left to Right – Malibu Pink, Sarong Wrap, Cocktail Hour, Turquoise Sea & last but not least Beach Hut.

I will be honest I am hooked. The pigment is really strong in the polishes allowing for such vibrant colours. They are the perfect summer accessory.

Dare I say it these are better than the ice neons as they do not require a white base, they pop all on their own. Due to the strength of colour I will give a little advice, first a base coat is a must! I used one so cannot say for certain they would stain the nail plate but I wouldn’t risk it. Secondly, when removing the polish wipe straight down the nail away from the cuticle. When removing the first colour I did not do this and had quite a job getting the pigment out of my cuticle. Using the removal technique I mentioned the others removed with no problem. As long as you follow these two points this is a perfect collection that will make your nails stand out from the crowd.

Now for the swatches, complete with my own style of nail art 🙂

Turquoise Sea  

Beach Hut 
Cocktail Hour
Sarong Wrap
Malibu Pink


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