Mickey & Minnie Mouse Flower Power Nail Art

A couple of days ago I shared with you my entry into the piCture pOlish nail art quarterly. I created several ideas before settling on the design I entered. I want to share those designs with you.

The first I would like to show you is a play on the theme – Flower Power. I assumed that many other entrants would go with the hippie interpretation but I wanted to portray a different side. The power of flowers, we give them as gifts to say ‘I love you’, ‘I’m sorry etc.

the main rule of the nail art was to use the polishes and black/white acrylic paint ONLY so I knew I would have to use a silhouette to represent my idea and what better way than using iconic characters! Hence Mickey & Minnie Mouse.

So firstly, here are the 3 polish shades used as my base – chillax, gelato & mad magenta. 

Now to the art! Created only using polish and black acrylic paint. I do hope you like it, I will be honest I’m still torn as to wether I should have entered this but what is done is done xoxo 



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