Shades of Pink Nail Art

Something very simple for you today. There are two reasons for this, the first bring that my hubby went polish shopping for me and got me some of the earlier polish for tans shades from Models Own and when I saw there were more pink I was inspired. The second is I asked my instagram followers to suggest nail art for me to do so in order to have the time to paint detail other nail art needs to be quick to do.

I was unable to get a base shot as I was not at home when I painted this design.  

The 3 polishes used were Malibu Pink, Shades & Beach Bag. There were no tools or tricks used I just painted my nail with Beach Bag, then I used Shades and a steady hand to paint a smaller area and repeated even smaller with Malibu Pink.


I am going to end this post with a warning about my topcoat! I used Seche Vite that I received in the June Nailbox. At first I was impressed, it matched HK Girl on drying time and finish. Since then I have noticed the shrinkage this top coat causes, it is not a problem when I can take a picture for you guys straight away but as I was not home when I did this mani it has affected the quality. For this I apologise xoxo


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