Helmies Nail Helmets Review

*PR Sample*

A short while ago I was contacted to receive a sample of a new product called Helmies. I must admit I must have had my head in the sand as I had never heard of these even though they have had great reviews in the press.


The packaging explains that Helmies Nail Helmets are designed to help protect your varnished nails from bumps, chips or smudges.

The promo pack I received contains 8 white, 2 small pink and 2 large pink Helmies. The white helmies are for your fingers and thumbs along with the smaller pink ones for your pinky fingers, the large pink are for big toes.

I wanted to give these a real good test so I painted both hands with two layers of Barry M Gelly polish and one coat of O.P.I Top Coat.

RIGHT HAND                                                




The box says to wait until your nails are touch dry defore placing the Helmies over your nails. They suggest 15 minutes which is the length of time I waited. I then placed the Helmies over the nails on my right hand ONLY. The fit was for the most part good, I have quite long nails so the open back wasn’t quite in the best place and also the ring finger was very loose. I did try them on before painting and found the pinky one to fit on my ring finger but with polish on I could successfully put it on without ruining the polish so I had to use the white.


The next step was really difficult for me, it went against my instincts when waiting for polish to dry 😉 I bashed my nails about, I started with digging my hands into my acrylic paint draw (the draw is filled with small metal tubes of paint as well as some plastic pots), I then hit them against the edge of my coffee table and finally one of the most difficult tasks with wet nails I fished for things on my handbag containing my phone, glasses, keys etc. I know most of you would not treat your newly polished hands this way but I wanted to really put them through their paces to provide an honest review.

Now for the part you have all been waiting for, the results!!

Helmies did indeed offer a good level of protection for my nails. I did some pretty serious damage to the polish on my left hand. My right hand remained pretty much ok although my pinky polish was slightly pushed back from the edge and the air holes had left their mark. I assume this may be due to my nail length and not necessarily a product fault.

RIGHT HAND (Helmies used)                       




My overall opinion of these is they do work. So if you are in a hurry and can’t wait to paint your nails get yourself some Helmies. My only issues with the product were sizing, the ring finger was loose and the pinky left indentations due to the length of my nails.


 If you are interested in trying these visit helmies beauty.com


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