Harmony Leopard Print Nail Art

Products Used:

  • A England – Princess Tears
  • A England – Guinevere
  • A England – Iseult
  • Dotting Tool
  • Barry M – Black Nail Art Pen
  • Glisten & Glow – HK Girl Top Coat

Firstly apologies for my absence, sometimes I get complete nail block and cannot come up with a design. When I have this I find a short break allows me to clear my head of the millions of designs and allows me to focus on one at a time.

The last design I presented to you was based on my latest A England purchase. Well I didn’t just buy the one polish. I also order the Harmony in Rose set. The Harmony collections are a fab idea, if you are unsure what to buy but have a colour scheme in mind these are perfect. 3 complementing colours carefully chosen by the creator so you know they work together.

The Harmony in Rose collection contains Princess Tears (holographic), Guinevere and Iseult. I have a few ideas on ways to use these polishes together. I went for a leopard print design as I really wanted to do leopard print on a holo base.

A design like this is so simple to do, all you need is a dotting tool and I personally turn to my trust Barry M nail art pen for the print. The pen is a little chunky for my usual style of nail art but it is the best for leopard print. When creating leopard print just remember it doesn’t have to be neat, let your hands do the work without over thinking it. Hope you like it xoxo






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